We focus on one thing – protecting you.  Even from your own lawyer or counsel, sometimes.  Your lawyer has likely sent you to a trust law and estate law specialist.  Hopefully, if you own real estate, even if that is just your home, but definitely if you own rental, income, investment property or a second home, your lawyer also brought in a specialist in real property law.  To round out your counsel she made sure you had a tax lawyer on your team, as well. 

Here is the problem, even with these top notch trust and protection instrument creators:

You are Eloise and Joseph Murgatroyd.  You were very proactive and your lawyer created the Eloise and Joseph Murgatroyd Family Trust.  In that trust, for protection, you placed the deed to your home, where you live, and where your personal items are.  That deed was recorded, on public record I can find, from anywhere in the world, in your government clerk registrars office.  At midnight.  In my pajama’s.

…now I know that this very expensive property in this very high end neighborhood where the wealthy reside is owned by Eloise and Joseph Murgatroyd:

So I’m not the most reputable person in the world.  I like the easy way, the way of deceit.  I do an online search for the last time your house was on the market.  There are hundreds of pictures of the inside.  They layout.  Floor plans.  I do a quick search of your names and I know that you have very expensive taste.  

Now the fun begins! I evaluate my choices.

It’s possible I could just break in and have my way in your home when I know you are in your season ticket box at the symphony.  I hope I don’t surprise you, or someone else in your home, when I show up to help myself to your valuables. 

There is some risk there for me, so that’s not really my thing.  I know people who are really good at that, though.

For me, the better way, I’ll let the law give me everything you own, even your beautiful home.  I’ll show up outside your door, very friendly, amiable.  I’ll make sure there is a small garden tool in the bushes by the path.  When we discover I’ve made a mistake in the address I was looking for (you were very nice to direct me), I’ll turn to walk away.  For perfect, Oscar winning, effect, I’ll glance over my shoulder to you with a final ‘thank you’ wave, then strategically fall into the bush which happens to have that sharp tool, right there.  Ambulances, short hospital stay.

And then my lawyer, who is unscrupulous, dirty, unethical and very good at his job, will sue you.  Because it was on your personal property, in that personal property trust, I’m going after a punitive judgment that takes your equity, your collector cards, your six figure watches, your five and six figure jewels.  Even your toaster.

Because the house is in the trust with your personal property.  What happens to one happens to all.  

You likely have equity in that home, as well.  I’ll just make sure I’m awarded all of it to pay for your negligence.

And you don’t think that can happen.

We collect stories, news reports, insurance reports, legal reporting.  We do it every day.  Not only is it commonplace, there is a whole industry of criminals who specialize in this kind of fraud.

Your trust does not protect you fully.  Your estate lawyer, who likely drafted that trust, was covering you in the event of something happening to you, or your spouse.

Having your name on public record, the name of your trust, is the single biggest mistake you can make with your assets.

It’s a simple fix.  You need a simple layer.  We can get more intense about it and give you added protections, again, simple, just to be sure.

No doubt there are other trust issues which are exposing you, simply because your lawyer specialized in only one small aspect of your wealth protection.